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Dog Gone Clean


Goat Milk Soap

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    If your dogs are like our dogs and run to the mud puddles, roll in questionable smelly stuff and bring in half the barnyard with them, you will appreciate this well tested four paws up blend. Liquid soaps go all over and quickly run out. With bar soap you can target the dirtier of areas and enjoy a fresh smelling dog. Add in a dose of neem, citronella, cedarwood….well, we won’t give all the secrets, but the combination of essential oils discourages fleas on your Fido. Gentle on the skin and won’t strip the oils from your furbabies crowning locks.  Nothing better than a dog that smells good! Long or short hair – they have all given their approval.

    We do not use tea tree oil in this soap which can be toxic for dogs. Not for use on cats!

    Made with love in our little farm soap shop with saponified oils of olive, coconut, castor, rice bran, sustainable palm, shea butter, goat milk and essential oils using earth friendly practices.

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