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Jo’s Sweet Nothings Castile Soap


Goat Milk Soap

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    A special request from one of our customers for her sister, Jo, who was allergic to most everything! No scents and only 4 ingredients! This is as pure as it gets.

    Only plant based oils are allowed in Castile Soaps, named for the olive-oil based soaps from Castile, Spain. We also use only a very high grade of olive oil and add shea butter as well. Along with these oils, castile soaps contain lye, which, when mixed with the oil, creates soap molecules. Mix that soap with water and it creates charged atoms that capture dirt and other grime. Castile can be used for skin, body, laundry and dish soap! So clean, so pure and so effective! I always carry this multitasking soap bar in the toiletries kit.

    Nourish and moisturize your skin with ourĀ  Jo’s Sweet Nothings castile and goat milk soap bar. Goat milk is known to offer moisturizing properties to soaps, leaving the skin clean and soft. Made with fresh goat milk from our herd, combined with essential oils or phthalate-free fragrance oils, and finally cured to perfection. This product will leave your skin clean and feeling fresh!

    Made with love in our little farm soap shop with saponified olive oil, shea butter, sodium hydroxide and goat milk using earth friendly practices.

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